Property Management

At HM Finance, we offer professional, independent advice to our clients. We also partner with a select group of specialists who are experts in their fields who value add to your experience.  We are more than just a mortgage broker!

Property Management

Let’s Rent Property Management Services

It’s all about peace of mind : We’re here to help from start to finish

 At Let’s Rent you are important from the very beginning. We take the hassle out of your life so that you can sit back and relax while we manage all of your property management needs.

Essentially, it’s all about peace of mind…knowing:

  • That your property is tenanted
  • That your property is at market rent
  • That the rent is being paid
  • That you are paid on time
  • That your tenant is being attended to
  • That your tenant is on a lease
  • That repairs and maintenance are taken care of quickly
  • That your property is regularly inspected
  • That communication is prompt and clear

AND…. you can rely on us from start to finish!

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